WOODFIX D2 (06.05)


For carpenters and handymen for gluing products made of hard and soft wood, veneer, plywood and agglomerated materials based on cellulose. Good for gluing toys and items intended for contact with food. Also used for bonding paper, cardboard and textiles. D2 water resistant according to EN 204.

After 4 hours, the bond strength is more than the strength of the wood itself. Using new copolymer components makes extremely short compression times possible (from 1 minute) and also significantly reduces the total bonding time.


  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive, not harmful to health or hygiene, transparent after curing
  • Features high initial tack and requires considerably less time to achieve the final bond strength.

Technical data:

Base / Material PVAC
Application temperature +15 / +100°C (during warming)
Open time ≈ 8 minutes
Pressing time ≈ 10 – 20 minutes at 20 – 25°C
≈ 1 minute when warming to 100°C
Minimum bond strength ≈ 4 hours
Shear strength after 20 minutes 6 - 8 MPa
Consumption of adhesive 120 - 180 g/m2


Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. packaging contents quantity per carton color EAN
50202FF container 250 g 24 pcs white, transparent after curing 8595100121165
50212FF container 500 g 12 pcs white, transparent after curing 8595100121172
50213FF container 750 g 12 pcs white, transparent after curing 8595100121189
50222FF bucket 5 kg freely white, transparent after curing 8595100121196