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Plastic ventilation grille with fly-net and shutter (90.00)

Plastic ventilation grille with fly-net and shutter

Wall air grilles are produced in many shapes, types and sizes as used in the European and world construction industry. Depending on application, they can come with features such as insect grids, shutters controlled in various ways, and installation systems suited to the given model. Special construction of selected models of the grilles enables easy installation and disassembly for cleaning and washing. A large majority of grilles are offered in the most popular colours: white and brown.

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Packaging, Price

order no. type material quantity in package dimensions color EAN
VE1090 200x200 PS 30 A 200mm, B 200mm, X 241mm, Y 241mm, Z 22mm white 8595100148063
VE1091 130x200 PS 45 A 128mm, B 197mm, X 165mm, Y 235mm, Z 20mm white 8595100148070
VE1092 130x130 PS 45 A 130mm, B 130mm, X 165mm, Y 165mm, Z 20mm white 8595100148087