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Access door ABS (90.00)

Access door ABS
Access door ABS

Access door (of ABS plastic) allow easy access to built-in inspection holes containing elements that require frequent or periodic inspection, such as water valves and water or gas meters. Because of their design and the ABS material of which they are made, these hatches are highly resistant to chemical agents and temperature. Products of many different sizes.

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Packaging, Price

order no. type material quantity in package dimensions color EAN
VE1010 300x400 ABS 25 A 300mm, B 400mm, X 318mm, Y 418mm, Z 28mm white 8595100147608
VE1011 300x300 ABS 35 A 300mm, B 300mm, X 318mm, Y 318mm, Z 28mm white 8595100147615
VE1012 200x300 ABS 30 A 200mm, B 300mm, X 218mm, Y 318mm, Z 24mm white 8595100147622
VE1013 200x250 ABS 35 A 200mm, B 250mm, X 218mm, Y 268mm, Z 24mm white 8595100147639
VE1014 200x200 ABS 25 A 200mm, B 200mm, X 218mm, Y 218mm, Z 20mm white 8595100147646
VE1015 150x200 ABS 35 A 150mm, B 200mm, X 168mm, Y 218mm, Z 20mm white 8595100147653
VE1016 150x150 ABS 40 A 150mm, B 150mm, X 168mm, Y 168mm, Z 20mm white 8595100147660

ACCESORIES: Door stopper