Cement residue stain remover (06.81)

Cement residue stain remover

For cleaning wall and floor tiles and grouting equipment used for cement-based materials. For use on all sanitary ware (baths, sinks, showers, tiling, etc.) and water taps. Removes stains and maps from cement, mortar, lime, soap, rust and scale. Destroys bacteria and inhibits their growth. Gentle to the surface and readily biodegradable. Diluted with water to a 2-5% solution for light soiling. Using hot water up to +40°C enhances the effect of the product.


  • High cleaning efficiency even at low doses and with hard water
  • Dissolves carbonates linked to solids
  • Neutralizes efflorescence, destroys bacteria and slows their growth
  • Removes old dirt, grease, soap stains and scale

Technical data:

Base / Material organic acids and surfactants
Application temperature +5 / +40°C (substrate and mixture)
Dilution 1:49 to 1:19 (2% to 5%) light soiling
1:9 (10% solution) heavy soiling
Duration of procedure 1 – 10 minutes


Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. packaging contents quantity per carton color EAN
57612Q bottle 1 liter 12 pcs transparent to yellowish 8595100118110