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Rubberized asphalt primer DenBit DISPER AS (81.02)

Rubberized asphalt primer DenBit DISPER AS

A fine-grained, water-soluble bituminous emulsion, slightly modified with synthetic rubber and with high asphalt content. Creates an adhesive layer for waterproofing material on any surface treated with this primer.

Type of substrate: Concrete, cement, cement-lime plaster, eternit, gypsum surfaces, paperboard and other bituminous-based material.

Applications: As a solution designed for penetrating substrates made of concrete and brick foundations, walls, terraces, flat roofs, etc. Also used under weldable footings, which requires a dilution of 1:4. Under waterproofing coatings, the dilution in water is 1:9.


  • Excellent deep penetration capability
  • Contains no solvents
  • Safe contact with polystyrene
  • Quick drying – ready after 3 hours
  • For dry and damp surfaces

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order no. packaging contents quantity per pallet color EAN
11007BI bucket 5 kg 80 pcs black 8595100133267