Roof and Trusses

Reflexive foil ALPET (08.52)

Reflexive foil ALPET

A three-layer material. The loadbearing portion consists of a PE grid to ensure the desired strength of the foil, with an aluminum metalized layer to provide its reflective capability. Prevents vapor formed during household activities from penetrating the roof structure and thermal insulation. Traps heat in the interior and prevents water condensation in the insulation layers. Thanks to its metalized aluminum reflective layer, Alpet moreover reflects a portion of the radiant heat into the interior of the building (as opposed to film without a threefold aluminum layer).

Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. weight (g / m²) Width (m) length (m) / area (m²) color EAN
B8901FOL 90 1,5 50 / 75 metalized aluminum 8595100126719
B8902FOL 105 1,5 50 / 75 metalized aluminum 8595100126726
B8903FOL 130 1,5 50 / 75 metalized aluminum 8595100126733
B8904FOL 160 1,5 50 / 75 metalized aluminum 8595100126740