Penetration coatings

S2802A ingredient for building mixtures (09.ST7-30)

S2802A ingredient for building mixtures
S2802A ingredient for building mixtures

Low-viscous liquid consisting of water-dispersed SOKRAT styrene-acrylic polymer, miscible with water in any ratio. The evaporation of water creates a continuous, smooth and slightly sticky film. Mainly used as an additive for lime, lime-cement, cement and mortar mixtures, as well as for the production of spray plaster for permanently damp and alkaline environments. Also used as a primer under facade coating material and under sealants S-T1, S-T5 (requires dilution). When used as a primer, the dilution ratio with water is from 1:6 to 1:10.


  • Water-insoluble after curing
  • Improves the properties of all building mixtures
  • Increases adhesion to the substrate, flexibility, and abrasion resistance
  • Increases the strength and dust-free capacity of renders, screeds and other cement-based materials in permanently damp and alkaline environments

Technical data:

Curing time of sticky, penetrating film ≈ 3 hod.
Resistance to hydrolysis min. 90%
Approximate consumption 25 – 100 ml/m2 (for 1:3 dilution)
Coverage 10 – 40 m 2/l (for 1:3 dilution)


Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. packaging contents quantity per carton / pallet color EAN
CH0203 bottle 1 kg 12 / 480 pcs milky white 8595100101693
CH0205 canister 5 kg freely / 96 pcs milky white 8595100101709
CH0209 canister 10 kg freely / 12 pcs milky white 8595100110626
CH0206 canister 25 kg freely / 6 pcs milky white 8595100101716