Penetration coatings

Depth penetration NANO (06.96)

Depth penetration NANO
Depth penetration NANO

High-quality penetrator used to unify and reduce the absorbency of substrates before applying self-leveling flooring materials and bonding tiles, for the localized repair of concrete surfaces, concrete floors, brick walls and plaster, or before painting walls or facades. Compared to the conventional S2802A, it has up to 25% higher penetration efficiency and reaches a depth of at least 20 mm at full saturation; strengthens the base, increase water-repellent capability and improves adhesion to the subsequent upper layer. Creates a barrier effect – suppresses capillary action of soluble salts from the substrate.


  • Water insoluble after curing
  • Resistant to alkaline hydrolysis after curing
  • Strengthens the base, increases its mechanical durability
  • Increases the adhesion of the substrate prior to bonding tiles
  • Suppresses capillary action of soluble salts from the substrate – i.e. creates a barrier effect
  • Low MFT – creates a continuous film even at a temperature of 1°C
  • Contains no alkylphenol ethoxylates

Technical data:

Thermal resistance +5°C (must not freeze during transport)
Application temperature +5 / +40°C
Curing time of sticky, penetrating film ≈ 2 - 4 hours
Hloubková působnost 20 mm
Depth level 0.06 to 0.22 l/m 2 (for 1:0 dilution)
Coverage 4.5 – 16 m 2/l (for 1:0 dilution)
Maximum dilution ratio 1:1 (for penetration)


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Packaging, Price

order no. packaging contents quantity per carton / pallet color EAN
57450Q bottle 1 liter 12 / 480 pcs transparent 8595100118066
57451Q canister 5 liters freely / 96 pcs transparent 8595100118073