Penetration coatings

Bonding bridge (06.92)

Bonding bridge

For strengthening and priming old and new substrates such as formica, concrete, enamel paints, tiles, hardwood fiber board, plaster and for under cement adhesives; intended for bonding cladding and tiles, for under self-leveling material, liquid paperboard S-T8 , liquid elastic waterproofing, filler spatula repair for concrete, QUARTZ INFILL, etc. For very absorbent substrates, the bonding bridge is diluted at a maximum ratio of 1: 0.5 (bonding bridge : water). Consumption approximately 0.2 kg/m2


  • Contains no solvents
  • Resistant to weathering
  • Water-repellent, diffusive, resistant to alkaline substances
  • Strengthens damaged and impacted surfaces
  • Increases the bond between individual layers of QUARTZ materials

Technical data:

Base / Material polymer dispersion, fine silica sand
Thermal resistance +5°C (must not freeze during transport)
Application temperature +5 / +35°C
Curing time ≈ 12 hours
Approximate consumption 0,2 l/m2
Maximum dilution ratio 1:0.5 (for very absorbent substrates)


Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. packaging contents quantity per pallet color EAN
57250Q bottle 1 kg freely white to yellowish 8595100111623
57252Q bucket 5 kg freely white to yellowish 8595100111647