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Expansion strip (60.10)

Expansion strip

Permanently elastic filler subjected to expansion joints, marked by the ability to eliminate the negative effects of the thermal expansion of building materials. Special construction strips that prevent the leakage of cement water from concrete into perimeter walls or free surfaces.  Made to facilitate assemblies with the use of self-adhesive strips.


  • Excellent thermal insulation properties;
  • Permanently flexible expansion joint filler reduces the transmission of noise from the floor to perimeter walls;
  • Excellent flexibility and permanent elasticity;
  • Easy workability and divisibility;
  • Non-absorbent and chemically resistant;

Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. thickness (mm) / width (mm) x length (m) advanced description quantity per carton color EAN
B91071PA 5 / 100 x 50 with film freely gray 8595100135766
B9106PA 3 / 100 x 50 with film freely gray
B9116 5 / 100 x 50 without film freely gray 8595100135810