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Construction bucket with spout (08.06)

Construction bucket with spout

A wide range of construction buckets with spouts and mortar tubs with a capacity from 5 liters to 90 liters. These buckets are good for hauling construction debris and carrying mortar, construction adhesives, water, etc. They are fitted with a reinforced upper edge, which extends their useable life and ensures the handle is not so easily yanked out. The mortar tubs can be used not only by masons, but also by gardeners for hauling away leaves, cut grass, weeds, etc., and other yard waste.

Features / Benefits / Properties:
• Reinforced upper edge
• Flexible
• Do not splinter
• Easily washable

• For mixing bags of bulk material such as mortar, concrete, grout and self-leveling screeds with water
• For washing tools and other masonry gear
• For carrying water and construction debris
• For collecting yard waste (leaves, grass, fallen fruit, etc.)

Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. capacity color EAN
S0102 12 l black 8595100145758
S0104 20 l black 8595100145772

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