Installation of windows and doors - 3D sealing and insulating system

Flexi window sealing strip DUO SMART (07.27)

Flexi window sealing strip DUO SMART
Flexi window sealing strip DUO SMART

The tape consists of modified PA especially reinforced with a combination of PET film. The tape consists of five flat layers, which give it a variable sd value. This self-adhesive fastening strip makes it very simple to apply the tape. One edge of the strip contains self-adhesive fastening strips on both sides with a covering film used for fastening to window frames, doors, etc. The other edge of the strip is fitted with a butyl adhesive component, likewise with film that tears off. The self-adhesive strip enables attachment to jambs, lintels and parapet walls, even at low temperatures. Made primarily for sealing and insulating the Den Braven 3D system used for new construction and reconstruction with the replacement of windows in pre-prepared "trimmed" jambs.



  • For use on connecting joints from both inside and outside
  • Easy to apply, can be painted and plastered
  • For reconstruction and new construction

Technical data:

Base / Material Combination of PET and PA
Thermal resistance -40 / +80°C
Water vapor permeability 110 - 6,6 g/m2. 24 hours
sd – value 0,3 to 5,0 m
UV resistance 3 months


Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. width (mm) length (m) quantity per carton color EAN
B87956B 75 30 5 pcs white 8595100131836