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Crepe masking tape 60°C (08.20b)

Crepe masking tape 60°C

For protecting various types of surfaces in the construction and industry sectors from staining or physical damage. Used for work involving varnishing, coating or painting. Resistant to thermal shock, paints and solvents. Adhesion to most materials. Not for lacquered wooden surfaces. The tape must be removed within 24 hours of use in order to avoid the adhesive sticking to the surface. Consists of impregnated crepe paper treated with a special adhesive rubber film. The tape is heat resistant up to +60°C. Can be applied within the range of 0°C to +40°C.

Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. width (mm) length (m) quantity per carton color EAN
B7001RL 19 50 96 pcs light yellow 8595100102454
B7011RL 25 50 72 pcs light yellow 8595100102461
B7021RL 30 50 60 pcs light yellow 8595100102478
B7031RL 38 50 48 pcs light yellow 8595100102485
B7041RL 50 50 36 pcs light yellow 8595100102492