SUPER FLOT special sealing compound (07.39d)

SUPER FLOT special sealing compound

Ready-to-go dry grout with a gypsum base, fiber reinforced, giving it a micro-reinforcement effect, increasing the durability of the joint. Prevents the formation of cracks. Used for firmly joining plasterboard and gypsum boards without the use of bandages or grids, smooths out any unevenness in the plaster and in plasterboard structures, etc.novinka


  • Reinforced fiber, quick hardening
  • Hardens evenly after application
  • Does not shrink crack
  • Long open time for optimum use
  • Ample, easy to work with
  • Very easily to apply and sand
  • Highly resistant to cracking
  • Putty Class 4B (tapeless joint compound) according to ČSN  EN 13 963
Base / Material based on a gypsum mixture
Application temperature +5 / +35°C
Time for use after mixing 50 minutes
Setting time 20 to 60 minutes
Adhesion ≈ 0.4 MPa (plasterboard)


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00414GY sack 20 kg white 8595100159854