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PE adhesive tape under plasterboard profiles (08.61)

PE adhesive tape under plasterboard profiles

For taping UW (floors and ceilings) and the edges of CW (side walls) profiles, which are in contact with surrounding structures for the purpose of ensuring acoustic integrity and for smoothing out small bumps. It bonds directly to metal profiles, which are then pieced together. The tape is made of polyethylene foam with a layer of highly sticky rubber adhesive. The thermal resistance of the tape is -30°C to +80°C. The tape can be applied in the range of +15°C to +40°C.

Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. width (mm) x thickness (mm) length (m) quantity per carton color EAN
B4449BD 25 x 3 30 42 pcs gray 8595100136718
B4500BD 30 x 3 30 35 pcs gray 8595100113832
B45001BD 45 x 3 30 23 pcs gray 8595100124357
B45011BD 65 x 3 30 16 pcs gray 8595100124364
B4502BD 70 x 3 30 15 pcs gray 8595100113856
B45020BD 90 x 3 30 11 pcs gray 8595100124371
B4503BD 95 x 3 30 11 pcs gray 8595100113863