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Vapor barrier N (08.53)

Vapor barrier N

A three-layer material. The loadbearing portion consists of a PE grid providing the necessary strength, top and bottom layers of polyethylene film providing waterproofing and vapor tight capability. The film prevents vapor formed during household activities from penetrating the roof structure and thermal insulation. Prevents condensation in insulating layers, which protects the roof from heat loss and leakage, thereby increasing efficiency. The SPECIAL version of the film is non-flammable.

Use Vapor permeable film D or Contact membrane when diffusive open film and membranes are required.

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Packaging, Price

order no. weight (g / m²) Width (m) length (m) / area (m²) color EAN
B888FOL 110 Standard 1,5 50 / 75 transparent 8595100113955
B891FOL 110 Special 1,5 50 / 75 transparent 8595100118882
B888FX 110 Clasic 1,5 50 / 75 transparent 8595100129864