DenBit asphalt waterproofing

Asphalt mortar repair DenBit U (81.23)

Asphalt mortar repair DenBit U

A ready-to-go bituminous plastic compound in paste form, highly modified by synthetic rubber, containing reinforcing fibers and chemical additives to enable use on slightly damp surfaces.

Type of substrates: Concrete, masonry, plaster, roofing and flashings, drywall surfaces, paperboard and bitumen-based materials such as shingles.

Applications: Repairing damaged areas and filling in impacted areas of the roof (faults, cracks, gaps, bubbles, leaks), for local waterproof sealing. Seamless elastic coating for the underground portions of buildings. Sealing and repairing plumbing components. Exhibits resistance to weathering, mild acids and alkalis, and corrosive substances contained in soil.


  • Rubberized asphalt compound reinforced with fibers
  • Resistant to mild acids and bases
  • For dry and damp surfaces
  • Easy and fast application

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Packaging, Price

order no. packaging contents quantity per pallet color EAN
11010BI bucket 5 kg 80 pcs black 8595100133298
11011BI bucket 10 kg 44 pcs black 8595100133304