DenBit asphalt waterproofing

Reflective protective varnish DenBit REFLEX ALU (81.22)

Reflective protective varnish DenBit REFLEX ALU

A bituminous material modified with synthetic rubber and the addition of bitumen and chemical compounds to improve adhesion to various substrates. Includes a silver due for a decorative and reflective effect. The coating is completely resistant to water, mild acids and alkalis.

Type of substrate: Asphalt roofing felts, bitumen shingles, Eternit, galvanized sheets, concrete walls and similar mineral surfaces, cement, and cement-lime plaster.

Applications: As a solution for preserving rooftops. Application in the outdoor spaces of buildings.


  • Contains a silver dye – reflective effect
  • Limits rooftops from heating up
  • Resistance to UV radiation, mild acids and alkalis
  • For dry surfaces

Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. packaging contents quantity per pallet color EAN
11005BI can 4,5 kg 120 pcs black 8595100133243
11006BI can 9 kg 55 pcs black 8595100133250