Welcome to the world of Den Braven, welcome to the world of construction chemicals.

1. The widest assortment

Every year we keep expanding our portfolio of products and every year you get new options to purchase these products from one supplier. The new Den Braven price list is the best answer to the increasing demands of our customers.

2. Production that goes back to 1974

Our range is literally filled with construction sealants, silicones, adhesives and polyurethane foams, as well as with other practical products. Each product contains our hidden “know-how”, which our parent company, Den Braven Sealants, based in Oosterhout, Holland, has acquired in recent years. The Czech subsidiary of Den Braven Sealants, the company Den Braven Czech and Slovak, was founded in 1997 and is now based in Úvalno. Thanks to our wide selection of products available for your application, you can always choose the best sealant, silicone, adhesive, polyurethane foam, construction additive, paint, etc.

3. High quality

Den Braven constantly invests in the development of high-quality products, services and logistics. Top quality is a given for us. We are also constantly improving input, operational and output checks. We are likewise expanding our storage space, which is equipped with modern handling equipment. 

4. Shipment

Thanks to modern logistics and storage spaces evenly located throughout the Czech Republic, we are always nearby. We will deliver the goods you ordered according to your requirements and free of charge within 3 working days and to anywhere in the country. 

5. Strong marketing support and technical service

Our “business” does not end with the delivery of goods to your company. On the contrary. One of our main goals is to facilitate as much as possible sales made to end consumers. You do the selling, we provide strong media support and marketing campaigns. Also available to you is the experience of our sales representatives and their technical know-how. 

6. Support for sales positions

We will provide professional training for personnel in order to increase their self-confidence for actively offering Den Braven products and your profits will only increase as a result. A modular system of sales racks will also increase sales effectiveness. Thanks to many variations, Den Braven products of different sizes and shapes can be showcased. Den Braven advertising signs, placards and panels are ready in standardized sizes. We can also customize them for your available space in the shop. 

7. Technical support on the Internet

Do you hate a lot of paperwork? Do you want to keep your documents always up-to-date? Choose the easy way. Visit the company’s presentation of Den Braven on the Internet. Everything is freely available by just clicking the mouse. Are you interested in the specifications of sealants, silicones and polyurethane foams? Go to www.denbraven.cz. It does not end with just foams. You will also find a sea of construction chemicals, paints, and additives here as well. Den Braven also sells car care products, lubricants, engineering fluids and sprays. See it all at www.tectane.cz.

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Company video


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