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Asphalt primer DenBit BR – ALP (81.12)

Asphalt primer DenBit BR – ALP

An elastic bituminous material slightly modified with synthetic rubber; contains chemical additives to allow deep penetration and use on slightly damp substrates. This penetrating coating is capable of leveling microcracks in the substrate. The coating is completely resistant to water, mild acids and alkalis.

Type of substrate: Concrete, plaster, masonry, Eternit, steel and metal components (roofing, flashing, ducts and grommets), paperboard and other bituminous-based material, wooden surfaces and wood-based substrates (cement particle boards and gypsum fiber boards, OSB, etc.).

Applications: As a solution designed for penetrating wall footings, foundations, the underground parts of buildings, etc. This material is especially suitable as a base for welded footings of all kinds. Used under the waterproof coatings of DenBit DK or DenBit Styro LT and other coatings. In addition, it can be used as a standalone, lightweight anti-moisture insulation.


  • Excellent deep penetrating ability
  • Able to level out microcracks in the substrate
  • Resistant to mild acids and alkalis
  • For dry and damp surfaces

Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. packaging contents quantity per pallet color EAN
11000BI can 4,5 kg 120 pcs black 8595100133199
10998BI HDPE jug 4,5 kg 123 pcs black 8595100144270
11001BI can 9 kg 55 pcs black 8595100133205
11002BI can 19 kg 33 pcs black 8595100133212