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Liquid anchor (07.52a)

Liquid anchor
Liquid anchor

For anchoring dynamically stressed structures, building components, engineering equipment or scaffolding. Suitable for heavy-duty anchorage in stone, concrete, light anchoring in aerated concrete and lightweight concrete, or for moderate to heavy loads when securing wood, steel structures, sections, rails, bars, water main fixtures, etc. This is the most effective non-expansion system of anchoring which puts no tension on foundation material, thereby enabling the anchors to be close to edges or to each other. Liquid Cartridge anchors can be used throughout the entire recommended period of use simply by replacing the application nozzle and securely closing the cartridge cover.



  • Immediately usable, easy to apply
  • Versatile, quick drying
  • For alkaline environments, outdoor applications
  • Short curing time – short setting time
  • High strength of anchored material without expansion pressure


Technical data:

Base / Material Polyester resin
Diameter of component M8 to M24
Thermal resistance -40°C / +80°C (after curing)
Application temperature -5°C / +35°C
Gelation time   2- 45 minutes (depending on temperature)
Curing time 20 minutes to 6 hours (depending on the temperature and type of anchor)


Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. packaging contents quantity per carton color EAN
74015BD cartridges 300 ml 12 pcs gray 8595100125972
740111BD cartridges 380 ml 12 pcs gray 8595100126979

Video with application in porous materials using sleeves
Video with application in porous materials using sleeves