S-T8 sealing strip (09.S-T8)

S-T8 sealing strip
S-T8 sealing strip
S-T8 sealing strip

For permanently elastic seals for contact and corner joints, passages in walls and floors, drains in pools, tanks and showers. Withstands a wide range of temperatures, salts, diluted acids and alkalis. Permanently elastic rubber strip based on a special polypropylene fabric with alkaline protection, provided with a rubber coating. After the application of liquid paperboard (S-T8) or liquid elastic waterproofing, it creates flexibly sealed corner joints in walls and floors. The system also includes: internal and external corner and elastic grommet.



  • Highly elastic
  • High radon diffusion resistance
  • Excellent resistance to temperature differentials
  • Resistant to salts, diluted acids and alkalis


Technical data:

Base / Material polypropylene / rubber
Thermal resistance -35 / +100°C
Application temperature +10 / +30°C
Tensile strength ≈ 7,0 MPa
Relative elongation 70 – 80%
Water tightness at a pressure of 4.0 MPa (40 bar)


Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. performance dimensions quantity per carton color EAN
CH0306 Sealing strip 120 mm x 10 m 1 pc gray 8595100110633
CH0307 Sealing strip 120 mm x 50 m 1 pc gray 8595100111043
CH0308 Internal sealing corner 140 mm x 140 mm freely gray 8595100113009
CH0309 External sealing corner 140 mm x 140 mm freely gray 8595100113016
CH0310 Large elastic grommet 400 mm x 400 mm 10 pcs gray 8595100113023
CH03091 Small elastic grommet 120 mm x 120 mm 25 pcs gray 8595100128355
CH03053 Sealing strip blister 120 mm x 5 m 1 pc gray 8595100134240