Additives for mortar

Power Mix (07.89)

Power Mix

A new-generation plasticizing agent prepared and measured in advance and designed for masonry mortars. Complies with standard EN 934-3/T2. Enables the complete replacement of lime. As an ingredient in masonry mortars and plasters, it improves their workability and increases their durability. This additive makes it possible to achieve a better attachment of individual components in the finished wall; it increases frost resistance, decreases shrinkage and helps reduce the formation of efflorescence by reducing the transport of efflorescent salts. Possible to prepare cement and lime mortars in temperatures as low as -2°C.


  • Reduces the price of the finished mortar by up to 30% (50 bags weighing approximately 1 kg representing 2,500 kg of lime (2.4 pallets)
  • High degree of aeration and mortar plastification
  • Considerable reduction in storage space
  • Increases productivity (easier loading, transporting, storage, processing mortars, etc.)
  • Greater wetting effect, reducing water consumption

Technical data:

Base / Material calcium nitrate
Application temperature -2°C / +25°C
Dosage 30 – 50 g of additive for 100 kg of cement


Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. packaging contents EAN
56000BD bag 20 g 5037728000093