Additives for concrete

Concrete plasticizer (07.92)

Concrete plasticizer
Concrete plasticizer

For producing visual and architectural concrete, pre-cast concrete and ready-mix concrete. For preparing cement mixtures and all cement-based materials. Suitable for grouting, access ramps and garages, for locking pavement and concrete floor heating. Has leveling capability. Reduces water consumption and the permeability of concrete. Prolongs usable life, increases consistency and reduces shrinkage. Increases the initial and final strength and density of concrete. Complies with EN 934-2, T1/T2.


  • Reduces water consumption
  • Prolongs usable life and increases consistency
  • Has leveling capability
  • Increases the initial and final strength and density of concrete
  • Reduces shrinkage and the permeability of concrete and cement-based materials

Technical data:

Base / Material emulsion of derivatives of synthetic polycondensates
Thermal resistance +5°C (must not freeze during transport)
Application temperature +5 / +30°C
Water tightness +20%
Increases initial strength +10%
Dosage 0.4 – 1.3 liters per 100 kg of cement for concrete


Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. packaging contents quantity per carton / pallet color EAN
CH0520 bottle 1 liter 12 / 432 pcs brown 8595100110589
CH0521 canister 5 liters freely / 96 pcs brown 8595100110596
CH0524 canister 10 liters freely / 40 pcs brown 8595100113092