Cutting wheel (50.00)

Cutting wheel

Application: metal, inox (stainless steel).
Maximum peripheral speed: 80 m/s.
Free from admixture of iron, sulfur and chlorine.
-          Fiberglass grating, mixture of corundum
-          Chemically clean, so it can be used on stainless steel and iron; the customer need not have two types (remember to clean when changing to other material; grind on a piece of the material)

Technical documentation

Packaging, Price

order no. type quantity in package EAN
AB001 A60T-115x1.0x22.23-T41 25 8595100146373
AB002 A60T-125x1.0x22.23-T41 25 8595100146380
AB003 A46T-150x1.6x22.23-T41 25 8595100146397
AB004 A46T-230x1.9x22.23-T41 25 8595100146403